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    Default need help making final decision

    I have been looking over the past 2 weeks for another radar detector, and a laser jammer as I have not been happy with my passport iq. I am looking at custom installed radar detectors, and have narrowed down my selection between the beltronics sti-r plus and the escort 9500ci. If I get the beltronics I am also looking at the blinder m27 as my jammer, and plan on getting veil for the rear license plate, and rear lights.

    Also, I do not feel I am capable of installing either by myself, what would be the most affordable and best installer in the sacramento area, would a bestbuy store do the job?
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    Default Re: need help making final decision

    I do not recommend the 9500ci at all. I would plead you to get the Bel Sti-R and get either a Blinder or Laser Interceptor jammer. The LI is the best unit on the market, according to most of the test results I've seen, but it costs a bit more. But please do not get the 9500ci, the jammer on that is inadequate, in my personal opinion.

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    I used a 9500ci for three years. I've since upgraded to the STi-R Plus. It performs better and the audio rampup is significantly better. STi-R Plus for sure. Not close.

    The LI's performance and customer service are both much better than Blinder.



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