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    I have a X band Radar Question Regarding RCMP in Canada. As I drove near the cop shop last night coming home from work my X band went off on my $40.00 Cobra just before the cop shop. I unplugged my detector as I saw a cop parked at the end of cop shop drive way. I'm almost sure that the RCMP don't have Spectre units in there cars but just wanted to be safe. My detector does have VG2 alert. After going down the road I plugged my Cobra back in again. Shortly after my X band went off again stronger and stronger again. I looked in my rear view mirror and say the cop or another RCMP behind me. I quickly unplugged my detector again and the cop shortly turned around in a parking lot 1/4 mile back. Being only less than a mile from home I left my detector off. As I pulled in to my subdivision I looked in my rear view again and saw 2 cops drive by my subdivision one behind each other. Wow what a night. I get home around midnight from work and there always seem to be a lot of cops around about that time.

    I guess my question is that I thought RCMP and most police forces us K or Ka band especially in Canada, so whats with this X band alert. Another thing do you think the RCMP have Spectre unites in there cars. I have never seen them in there cars before. If they do have Spectre could that is what is showing up on my detector as X band. Any help is appreciated.

    Detector: Cobra Pro 7080

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    What province? I'm sure there are still a few X-bands in use...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmaartAasSaabr
    What province? I'm sure there are still a few X-bands in use...
    Hi there. It is in Nova Scotia. Thanks.



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