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    Default Which one: 8500 X50 Black or Bel RX65


    Brother is buying my current 8500 so it frees up some $ for a newer unit. Looking at the following:

    8500 X50 Black
    Bel RX-65

    Both are the same price, but leaning toward the Bel B/C I like the look of it, plus I really do not like the tones of the Escort. Wondering...

    *Range difference? Area seems to use C/O K Band and 35.5 KA
    *Will "Live" work with the Bel?
    *Quality of units?
    *Voice alert is kind of nice, but far from necessary.

    I have had to send my 8500 back 2x over the last 5 years (not bad, considering its an electronic device that goes through the ringer with heat, vibration, etc)

    Thanks for the advise!

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    Default Re: Which one: 8500 X50 Black or Bel RX65

    Your 8500 is a good unit. Does it have the S7 or M4 horn? The S7 is more sensitive to heat and may require more frequent tune up's but many prefer the S7 over the M4.

    If you are looking at a new RX 65 or new 8500 X50 Black, go with the 8500 X50 Black. It has a better lens and will be a little more sensitive and will work with Live. My personal favorite is the old RX 65 with the S7 horn, in USA mode it had band segmentation and RDR is off, which makes it a terrific unit. It does not run Live but it is a great unit and I would choose it over all the other units in this thread.

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    Default Re: Which one: 8500 X50 Black or Bel RX65

    Of these choices my recommendation is the X50Black with Escort Live if you have an iPhone or Android smartphone. There are a lot of alert sound options on the Escort Live app plus many added features while using the app such as TrueLock false alert elimination and camera alerts. The X50Black's performance advantage over the RX65 is significant, especially against Ka radar.

    Escort Radar customer service is available from 8am-6pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608



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