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    Default Custmizing Dectors

    ok i have a acura legend 90' 2d. it was my dads and when he got it he had a radar instaled so that there is no "dash" device and htere is custom leds next to the spedometer, and a volume/(rural/city)/(on/off) swich convenitly under the dash. anyway the dector is old and dose not work at all ne more, and my question is can you install "dash" radar dectors custom (some way ie take hte case off and pull the leds out adn move everything around so its in ur car but cannot be noticed) or do you have to buy a spiceal radar dector for the "custmisation" like i was talking about above.

    or even a better way to mount the dectors so that they are no so obious.

    any help is much aprecheated

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    prob best option would be a V1 with remote mount.....oh the shame mentioning the V1 over my RX65

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    ya.. well i dont think i can get hte V1, lol its a lil outa my price range ahhaaha, im shotten at the 100-150 range, on i rember seenen a post of sum oen that did such a thing they took the case off and mounted the different pices lal over the car, but cant find it now, has ne oen here done this?



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