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    Default Detector Questions?

    Anyone had any experience with the new Cobra XRS9770 non G?

    How does it fair against the Whistler Pro-78SE, XTR-695SE, XTR-690SE, 8500 X50 V-Tuned (What is V-Tuned?), and RX-65? Just curious.

    And what is the all around best windshield mount detector for K-Band and 35.5Ghz Ka-Band as that is all that is used in my area? I don't need stealth so I'm assuming it is either the V1 or Redline. Input would be exceptionally greatful.

    And how come GOL haven't done a test in three years?

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    Default Re: Detector Questions?

    If you are .
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    Default Re: Detector Questions?

    Stay away from the Cobra rd. Terrible against 35.5 ka band. Either purchase a V1,BelEscort, or Whistler depending on what features you like and what you are budgeted for. Have a good day!



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