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    Default How much trust??

    Sorry if I double posted I am new to the forum. Ok, So I am new to the radar detector world and picked up a Beltronics V6 after reading some reviews. So far it seems pretty neat but I haven't had much opportunity to see its range. I usually run 10-15 over or so and constanly catch myself slamming my brakes on hills or when I see car lights way ahead. So, my question is how much do you "trust" your Beltronics? Am I just being parenoid and should rely on it more? Also, most of our rural cop cars around here are using old K band but we are in a hilly area..

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    Hilly terrain poses it challenges to radar detection. Best detection scenario is a LEO using constant on. Second to this is when a car in front of you is shot with instant on. You don't need line of sight with radar, but you do need to be cautious. Slow down (a little) if you are in an unfamiliar area. Your trust threshold can be expanded when you are closer to home and familiar with the area or hiding spots.

    Laser is a different story. Best defense there is a jammer.

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    Makes sense. It's to bad that ideally for me would be using this thing on long travel trips to make some extra time when I will not be in a familiar area

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    A good example: You have a rabbit in front of you at some distance to trip the trap, just the rabbit (bait) and you. A Leo hits the rabbit with I/O (instant on radar) but you are going faster than the rabbit by a mph or two. A Leo will mostly have 2 displays, target (strongest signal) and the fastest signal (that is you). What will the Leo do? What will you do?

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    I can't comment on your particular detector because I don't own one, but I will say that trust comes from experience with a particular detector, and experience comes with time--weeks and months. A comprehensive understanding how your RD will react in a given situation can only be learned by repeated encounters in a wide range of conditions.

    Straight & flat roads
    Straight & hilly roads
    Long sweeping curves
    Long curves with hills
    Tight "S" curves
    Heavy and light traffic
    Tall buildings close together
    Deep rocky cuts or canyons
    Valleys with heavy woods and vegetation (worst possible scenario)
    Hot dry weather vs cold damp weather



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