I was the one that started the thread along time ago. I was wondering who would stil be interested in this project. Seems to me we might be able to do a grass roots attempt start off with x band then k band then ka and then maybe get into pop and laser etc. I can bring back up the old website for it. But this time I need people really interested in it. We need people that can say hey I have the boards hey I have the recievers etc. We could pry open some old detectors just to see how they did them. But by no means should we break any copyrights or reverese eng. anything. If somebody hits a road block you can mail it to somebody else to work on it etc. The final product in the end would benefit us all. And might move the rd industry along especially if we can start detecting the 16 ms pop. The skys the limit. Please reply if you interested or atleast have some idea what this encompasses or have some engir. background. We can take pictures of its progress and video of it in action etc. In the end we might be the only people that push pop detection along with offering two sweepers and a v1 type laser detection. But lets start with x band.