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    Default Is sti magnum the way to go if want a beltronics unit

    Ive owned bel since 1990 and passport rd units but really prefer the bel line. i know there the same etc, but little differences and features makes me like the bel.
    i currently have the pro300. im looking to give this to my girlfriend along with the m27 series blinder jammers i just put on the car 2 months ago. so she will be set up nicely(waiting on a 3rd jammer) anyday to add to the better front coverage for the car after doing some testing with some PT under 150'. so im going to add a 3rd head for jtg.
    back to rd units. i love the magum series...i dont want gps just raw performance. and either bel or escort no valentine.(just my preference) im debating the magnum as being the best non gps unit period.even though no more usa mode, ive heard the m3 horn will still outperform the rx65/pro300 even in usa mode. this said, ive also heard rumors of a new magum sti or redline coming with band segmentation and rdr off. although i cant confirm this.
    i have a hard time believing this will happen anytime soon since the entire series has just been ramped up on all units so wouldnt make sense to make those drastic changes in near future. any help on the best non gps bel rd unit greatly appreciated. i live in florida so dont care about being detected or not although i believe its undetectable anyways-sti magnum.

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    Default Re: Is sti magnum the way to go if want a beltronics unit

    Yes, get the Magnum, excellent unit.



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