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    Default Safety Tint & Detector Performance

    Hello everyone, I wanted to get Llumar safety tint for all areas on my car, including front and rear windshield. I have a Valentine One, and I was wondering how much this would impede on performance?

    Here's a chart showing different window films: Solar Control Window Film: LLumar Automotive Films

    I don't believe the tint is metallized, but it does say its not the best suited for enabling electronic signal. Would this be more like GPS, or radar and laser waves? (specifically radar of course)
    I was thinking of doing a 4/5 front windshield safety tint 1/5 high performance tint, just above the AS1 line to the roof. But I'm not sure if this is possible or if it would effect the performance of the portion of the windshield which has safety tint.

    Any expert opinion?

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    Default Re: Safety Tint & Detector Performance

    Alright... SO I did a little research and called up LLumar myself, apparently safety tint does NOT contain any metal in the film. SO it should not interfere with radar signals at all. It will only interfere with GPS, and even that is to a very small degree as they say in the past 6 months or year they have upgraded their film. So if that answers anyone elses questions, I guess I"m going all around safety tint without sacrificing radar detection!



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