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    Default mobile photo radar

    Hi Every one. I would like to know if I can detect the photo radar mobile in circulation with my radar detector???

    I so witch one is the best ???

    I know that the (Cheetah C50 ) is effective as a fixed photo radar, but about the mobile one, I would like to know on witch frequencie is can be detecated!!!

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    Default Re: mobile photo radar

    Depends on the trigger method that is used for the mobile, even trip wires laid across the road. X, K and Ka (34.3) is used (not sure in Canada for there are some odd freqs and polarities in other countries), so a long range RD is needed to give one a couple of seconds to slow due to maybe a cross the road direction beam. The Escort Redline maybe the leader on long distance C/O. The Valentine programmed with #5 ramp-up like the Redline and also #6 Ka Guard off (designed for countries with very few Cobras) report great results by one person from Canada. The Bel STi-r+ remote can give the longest range due to the larger horn for better -db. Best is what is the best for ones needs. Look at Trapster or Waze for they are free. The Cheetah can be updated for free for life I think, but Escort services will cost you. Some are for fixed and may have the same locations for months and months and not updated (been reported). Hope a camera guy can chime in or ask in the camera section for the Pros hang out there and will see your questions. If your area does not allow RDs, maybe look into the Redline with their services....
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