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    Default Conflict of Interest?

    Is it a conflict for a company to make the radar guns and the radar detectors? Just curious how others feel about this?

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    sounds like capitalism at its finest to me... make the gun make the detector, a year later make new gun make new detector

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    Default Re: Conflict of Interest?

    Which companies make both radar guns and radar detectors?

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    no it isn't a conflict of interest i don't think. if their own radar detectors could not detect their own radar guns and this was not disclosed to the consumer, perhaps.

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    Used to be Cincinnati microwave made both, but that may not be the case anymore.

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    Cincinnati Microwave never made radar guns. One main reason some people think that is because they might believe the "CMI Speedgun" was made by "Cincinnati Microwave Inc", but they were two completely different companies.

    Although it is a common rumor, I am not aware of any instances where the same company produced radar guns and radar detectors. If there was such a case, it would have to be a LONG time ago.



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