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    Default Write tickets or help people in the rain

    So the interstate I take to work and back has an unmarked Mustang officer who is very very good with I/O. Tonight 'im driving home and on the opposite side of the Xway I see a lady walking in the rain away from her vehicle which looks to be broken down. Theres a steel rope barrier so I went down about a mile or so, made a U and came back. I see my friend pulling over a car presumably for speeding less than a mile away.

    The lady is nowhere to be seen, theres a gas station at the next exit so I'm assuming she went there and is ok. I turn around and get back on the interstate and now I see another broken down vehicle with the people standing outside in the rain, all this is going on within a mile of each other. It's too late to stop so I continue on and see my Mustang friend has pulled over yet another speeder shortly down the road.

    I look up and call the Metro Police main number and say "are you familar with your Mustang officer on this interstate?" They answer yes. I respond "you may want to tell him to stop writing tickets for 5 minutes and help the two stranded motorists a mile down his road in the rain". The lady replies "Um, yes thank you for calling!"

    To be fair he pulls over people very quickly one stop after another so maybe he didn't see them down the road but still in the rain you might think to drive the area as people are apt to break down or wreck....

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    Default Re: Write tickets or help people in the rain

    They say to not generalise ....halas it is too often this same story .

    Tickets hungry leos want a promotion , so they make their chief happy ....
    their motto : feed the machine , dont matter the real needs .

    Here they start the move-over law ....I saw one motorcycle with gyros on ,no customers,
    then further his buddy waiting to ticket those who fail to move or slow....
    entrapment by cowboys paid over $ 80,000 per wonder the country economy
    is so sick...

    600 f
    O divine art of subtlety and secrecy!
    Through you we learn to be invisible, through you inaudible;
    and hence hold the enemy's fate in our hands.

    -- Sun Tzu, The Art of War, c. 500bc

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    Default Re: Write tickets or help people in the rain

    See it all the time in good weather. They must call in for I'll seen a Trooper pass a stranded motorist before, but he could have been going to a wreck. Got to call in like you did! Good for you!
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    Default Re: Write tickets or help people in the rain

    Helping people doesn't pay the overtime bills like writing tickets does.

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    Default Re: Write tickets or help people in the rain

    Around here, I've seen Police stop and check on someone on the side of the road a lot of times.



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