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    Default CHP using K band??

    i was on the 55 fwy in orange, mid day going with the flow of traffic

    suddenly my redline went K crazy, which it tends to do alot as it is so sensitive so i just muted it not really caring because i usually am more concerned with KA.

    a few seconds later i saw the mc chp on the side with his gun out..
    i thought they only use KA in so-cal?

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    Default Re: CHP using K band??

    I saw an older video of a mc CHP with a K band. Most K band is locals. You state that your Redline goes crazy alot, is that traffic sensors? If so, you have TSR (rejection) on your unit. What did the hand unit look like? Go to Guys of Lidar on the web and take a look at the different laser units (and radar) and see if it was like that, they are larger with aiming windows for CHP on 2 wheels use laser a lot. What was he doing with the gun?...



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