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    Are X and K bands completely obsolete and not used anymore?

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    K band is still used in a lot of areas, therefore it is an absolute gamble to disable that band even if you think it is not used in your area anymore.

    X band on the other hand, has almost disappeared in most areas but is still widely used in New Jersey and other areas. I know it is not used in my area so I disabled that one.

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    X in Ohio!!!!!!! K band is everywhere

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    I found a cop using X band in North Carolina over the holiday,it was an old MPH K55.
    First time I have see X band used in almost 10 years.

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    Op, go to the local and regional information section, the first thread has most bands in what cities, counties and states. That will give you an ideal on what to expect in your area and everywhere else.....What is funny, the MPH K55 X band are still around, a work horse. In Columbus MS, the county has an old old black face unit. The horn is about 9" across and still I/Os.....

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    Local information, like N Alabama said, is your best resource. NC/SC and NJ all definitely have some X left. K-band is what I see >50% of the time for radar, so no way I'm turning it off!



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