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    Hey all, this is my offical request for help in selecting a radar detector. My last detector was an Escort 7500 that I was happy with, but am now looking for a remote unit. I've spent a lot of time scouring these forums, but am still a bit hesitant on finalizing a decision.

    Key Factors:

    1. I need a remote unit. The car is a convertible, and I want something that's integrated and not readily visible.

    2. Driving and terrain: I'm mostly concerned about getting some protection during spirited drives on curvey roads. I'm in a suburban area and that's where I do most driving. There is highway, but I'm usually not more than 20 ove the PSL; something alerting me to keep a check here, though, would be helpful as well.

    3. I'm in South Jersey, and apparently they use everything here.

    4. Due to limitations of the car and what I'm willing to do, the placement of the antenna may not be optimal. Chances are it would be behind plastic and low (which, from what I gather, isn't necessarily a dealbreaker, but including in case it influences any opinions).

    It is obvious from spending hours in the forums that the STiR+ is the preferred unit, but what other options do we have at a lower price range? Not much, looks like either the Escort 8500ci, or the Whistler 3600. Let's set the contenders there, the 3600 can be loaded with options (rear antenna, GPS) for less than the 8500ci, so let's focus on these two units. Removing the STiR+ (and 9500ci) from the equation, given the factors detailed, which one would you recommend?

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    LOL! You know the answer! Congrads for you have done your home work, don't think to hard for the answer is very easy. First hint, it tops just about all RD compairsion test....

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    The STi-R Plus is the obvious choice.

    It sits near the top of the charts for K & Ka band range when utilizing the Ka Band Segmentation and RDR off options.....and at the same time can deal with X & K falsing utilizing it's GPS truelock functions. Bonus points for connecting to the EscortLive network for shared alerts and redlight cams.

    It's pricey, but certainly the best at doing everything you need it to do......and it is a remote.

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    STi-R is my first choice in a remote mount due to bs/rdr. Now that my Redline has it I don't want anything less. ;-) also it uses the m3 antenna for stealth so your detector won't be seen or heard. Whistler can't do that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cusp View Post
    Whistler can't do that.
    Not completely true. Reviewing speedzones RDD tests Whistler's were not detected by VG-2 or Spectre units.



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