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    Laser Shifting/Jamming is obviously more expensive to purchase and more difficult to install.

    Why do LEO's still use radar guns? It seems departments would have all switched to all laser by now. Are radar guns and laser guns used for different applications/circumstances?

    Why are radar detectors and laser shifters still legal?

    I'd assume using radar detectors is more common than laser shifting. Are those individuals just accepting the risk of getting hit with a laser shot, or is it a calculated risk because laser is much more rare?

    I'm interested in getting a radar detector (probably the new Escort Passport Max), but I don't want to give myself a false sense of security, just to end up getting hit by laser.

    Is there a way for me to visually determine if an LEO is using radar or laser technology?

    I have wiring concerns with both radar and laser. I'm surprised we don't have rechargeable radar detectors and Bluetooth sensors on Laser Interceptors these days (maybe we do?). Are we really believing that Bluetooth is too slow? All of this wiring makes sharing between vehicles pretty difficult.

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    The reason both are still in use has to do with locations where speeding is an issue. Laser works well IF the operator is trained properly in aiming, range effectiveness and other skills with lidar. Radar does work better in more distant ranges as well as being able to be operated from a moving or stationary vehicle.

    Though getting around radar is fairly effective with a high performance detectors, laser devices are another story - they are a short range ambush device that is impossible to get around once your car is selected within the effective target range. The only way around laser traps is to detect the scattering of the laser light when cars ahead of you are being targeted. Otherwise, if you are the only car in sight to the Lidar operator, there is no time to react and the speeder is busted. With radar, the signals scatter and reflect around corners, off objects, etc. but the LEO can only get a reading of your speed when the radar beam hits your car with no objects between (line of sight operation).

    And then there are the speed readers that use time measurements between two sets of burried sensors in the road. This speed trap is unbeatable but once installed and its location known, the speeder can slow down going over them, then resume speeding.

    And while on the subject, don't forget the old (very effective) pacing tactic from a LEO following you or in some areas, a spotter plane clocks your speed between two locations on the road and radios ahead to a waiting LEO.

    Portability of the LEO's speed reading device is the key to success and radar fits the bill nicely whereas laser devices can only be used from stationary positions.

    And yet another speed reading device that no detector can protect you from is a clock! Years ago, when traveling on the Maine Turnpike, the time you took between toll booths was timed and if getting to the next booth too early, you were issued a speeding ticket. BUT, this idea has it disadvantages. I and many other drivers, would do 90+ for several miles and then stop at a service spot to eat, then continue speeding to the next toll booth. If your timing was right, you got to where you planned while grossly speeding using this tactic. Of course you get bad gas mileage but the speeding was the fun - knowing there were no LEOs anywhere to be found.



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