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    Default Looking for advice - laser detector in Australia

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for advice, I'll be as concise as possible. I guess what I'm really after is more of a laser detector than radar (though I know many devices do both), but the laser areas of this forum seemed to focus on jammers, which I don't want as they're illegal here.

    • I'm in Australia, the only form of speed traps in my state are laser-based
    • I had a Whistler Pro 78 SE. It was good, but it died after many years
    • I'm looking for a replacement, budget of around $150 (give or take $50)
    • The main speed camera here is the Vitronic PoliScan Speed M1. It's LIDAR-based.
    • I hear the Whistler C85 is very similar to the 78 SE, but in a new case. Is there anything better in the same price range?
    • Detectors are legal in my state, so it doesn't need to be undetectable. It would be nice in case the law gets changed down the track, but it's not vital

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Looking for advice - laser detector in Australia

    Not a single detector in your price range will protect you against the Poliscan,(We Yank's have them here in some States,too).Only one Laser Detector has the best reputation for being able to sniff out weak Laser signals.
    The "V1" from Valentine Research here Stateside,but it's much more expensive.Your only chance is if the car ahead of you gets shot first & you are able to get some reflection your Detector picks up giving you a chance to slow down.

    Very little active members here from OZ,to bad you don't live in WA so you could employ countermeasures.
    I know of another Forum where there are many from your side of the world & who know much about the "Poli".
    If interested,send me a Private Msg from here.

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    Default Re: Looking for advice - laser detector in Australia

    Forget your budget, NO RD will protect you from laser. Sure you might get some scatter but do not count on it. The V1 is at the top for scatter laser detection.
    This has been said many times, speeding is illegal, why the worry about jammer? If you use the properly no one will know.

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    Default Re: Looking for advice - laser detector in Australia

    Thanks for the tips, guys. I am actually in WA (or are you using it to mean Washington?), are you saying jammers are legal here? What kind of price range would I be looking at, and would it be easy for an idiot to install? I'll head over to those forums if it sounds practical.

    As for detectors, I don't want to disagree with the experts, but my 78 SE (mounted just below the mirror of a Hyundai Sonata) was pretty good at picking up laser scatter. It wasn't 100%, but I'd often get 800m+ of warning, and it wouldn't need to be bouncing off cars in front of me either. Maybe the ones here are configured to send out a more constant signal? I don't know, but I'm certain my 78SE saved me a bunch of times.

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    Default Re: Looking for advice - laser detector in Australia

    ^ - check your "Private Msg" folder here on the Forum.
    Yes, I meant WA(Western Australia) & NOT Washington.



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