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    Default Best Radar Detection SETUP in a vehicle

    What is the best radar detection in a vehicle??

    To me there is no better setup than having the STIR PLUS combine with the V1. I use my V1 for signal directions (front and back arrows) and for out of tune radar guns and I/O (X Band Off, K Band I turn on and off matter what mood I'm in, but in NYC no need to have this band on, RDR ON in NYC, RDR OFF out of state, to many people with cheap radar detectors in the city). I segmented my STIR PLUS to 2,5,8 to detect long range and I/O, C/O. To me there is no better radar detection setup than this in a car. I have been using this setup for 4 years (two years with BEL STI R) I haven't receive one ticket.

    The one good thing about living in a urban city like NYC or The State of New Jersey and Long Island. There is a heavy flow of traffic for a radar beam to hit off of other vehicles as in trailers, buses etc. order for me to get great alerts with a radar detector like the V1 and STIR Plus. The flow of traffic is so heavy State Troopers and NYC highway patrol leave there radars on C/O all the time. There is no need to use I/O when the chances of them catching someone speeding is 99 percent. Oh yes by the way NYC highway Patrol uses laser which in return there is no need to use a radar

    I'm just looking for other people opinions, which two radar detectors would be the best setup in a vehicle ?? Try my set-up and believe me you will thank me later. I'm looking for some feedback negative or positive.

    I know there will be a few people that will say Redline and the STR PLUS, but I think the V1 ARROWS combine with the STIR Plus detection make it one superior detector.
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    Default Re: Best Radar Detection SETUP in a vehicle

    I use to run the STIR And Blinder mounted just below the bumper and 9500ix high on the windshield of my truck. That combo was deadly.

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    Default Re: Best Radar Detection SETUP in a vehicle

    I would use a V-1 or a new Redline with the Ka segment.



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