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    Default NY Speed Week From 8/12 - 8/17

    This week in New York State is Speed week. NY state Troopers will be out in HEAVY force enforcing the law on people that are speeding. If you are driving over 75MPH in a 55 MPH zone you will be pulled over no questions ask. I'm just warning my fellow radar community and my fellow New Yorkers. Keep your eyes opens and be careful.

    I'm not saying to speed, I'm just saying more likely if you own a Radar detector means you have a little bit of a heavy foot.

    If you have a radar detector and would like to see some real live test with your radar detector, than go out and drive in New York State anywhere and you should have some good videos and entertainment. This week reminds me of July 4th week (Highway Patrol/ New State Troopers are out in heavy force).

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    Default Re: NY Speed Week From 8/12 - 8/17

    These "events" that also include drunk driving check points during holidays and at other random times (used in my state) are indeed effective during their operations but what about at other times? In one way these events seem useful while on the other hand, they may not be due to their short operating times.

    I do understand your point(s) - a warning as well as a chance to test our detectors but these events do confuse me as to their real value in the long run. I suppose doing something is better than doing nothing.

    Do these events have any impact in your state? They do in my state but only after many years of operations.



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