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    Default Scratched screen on a radar detector..

    I'm curious if scratches/scuffs on a screen would reduce its performance? I notice it doesn't go off at every construction sign like it used to and other times it gives me little warning of a police officer (usually when they're in eyesight it goes off) I know it could just be that they don't have their radar gun on, but it happens to often so I feel its the radar detector. Its a Bel RX65 and its about 5 or so years old. It's in the same spot on my car that it has been for years, and it worked great when I got it.

    Point is, could the scratches on the screen be ruining it? Is there anything I can use to remove scratches without ruining it? (Like the stuff people can spray onto a CD to get rid of the scratches). I don't know what type of material the screen is..

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    Default Re: Scratched screen on a radar detector..

    Don't wory about the skuff marks. What one should do, is when they get their RD, go find door openers and learn where the RD goes off for a performance check. Age, dropping the RD, heat takes a toll on electronics. You should call the manufactor and get it checked, but cost vs repair, or they may say the RD is fine, which sucks because the performance it not as good as it was. A waiste of $30-50 bucks for a check up. But call and ask, or junk it. I would get a non filtered RD for better performance against I/O, a seg Redline or V1C....

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    Default Re: Scratched screen on a radar detector..

    I agree with N.A. The scuffs or scratches will not effect any RDs performance, even on laser radar. If the knowledge of the lens covering bothers you, perhaps the use of those plastic headlight conditioners that clear up "foggy" or yellowed lenses may work.

    As for the "sudden" lack of sensitivity, it may be the detector or just environment changes at the latest construction sites but in any case a useful RD should pick up speed radar signals several seconds (or more) before you then see the source. If you do believe the problem is in the detector (being 5 years old), it may be time for a new one. I have used several RDs in the $50-100 range and all were a waste of money with their almost useless sensitivity. RDs in the $150-300 range? I don't know. The last junk RD I bought was a $79 Cobra and it was bad for sensitivity but did work somewhat. I ended up getting a V1 and for $400, it was worth every cent. You may be able to get an upgraded older V1(from Valentine) for about $300 and it should work as well as a new V1.



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