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    Default Current best stealth setup?

    Hello all, long time radar detector user (windshield). Tired of the visible detector and placing and removing it from the windshield. Looking to go with a stealth setup. I have a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Diesel inbound that I will chip, and I usually drive quite fast.

    I am looking for a great radar detector+laser jammer setup that is stealth, upgradeable/updatable as I plan to have it for a very long time and the equipment budget is $2000-$3000 (no labor, I do my own installations).

    Is the Belltronics STiR Plus still the best custom install detector? Just curious as it's been out for quite a few years now. What about the Laser Interceptor system, still consider the best laser jammer?

    For that price, will anything beat say a STiR Plus/Laser Interceptor Triple HD setup?

    What would you go with?

    This is what I am thinking for mounting (space depending):

    I know that 95+% of events occur from the front, but is the lack of any rear radar/laser detection with the STiR Plus a concern? The vehicle is quite large with a lot of reflective items, would the quad normal LI be fine or would a HD tri (2 front 1 rear) work a lot better?

    Any vendors that do combo pricing/military discounts on these systems? Post any info/thoughts on the setup and what you would do. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Current best stealth setup?

    I would go with the laser interceptor , quad plus the Escort 9500ci because it also has laser jammers. maybe you could use the 9500ci jammers for the rear and the laser interceptor for the front.

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    Default Re: Current best stealth setup?

    And why not a jammer ant on the roof? After all, the way the world is falling apart, you want to be prepared for any smart bombs too

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    Default Re: Current best stealth setup?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Q View Post
    And why not a jammer ant on the roof? After all, the way the world is falling apart, you want to be prepared for any smart bombs too
    I hear that the highway police are thinking of equipping used army drones with smart weapons for the worst of the scofflaws.

    All the drone pilots need is to get a OK from Home land security and the civil authorities and your TOAST !



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