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    Default How important is DSP?

    Getting ready to bite the bullet on a detector and jammer. i was all ready to drop the big bucks on the escort CI but i dont like the zr4 jammer and want the new Blinder Hp-905. so i was planning on going with a 9500xi and the hp905's. problem is that the new escort max has DSP and the xi does not.

    can anyone tell me if this difference is a deal breaker? i'm still not sure what this dsp technology brings to the table.


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    Default Re: How important is DSP?

    To the best of my knowledge DSP or Digital Signal Processing allows the detection device to scan , filter and pick up signals quicker then one that does not have DSP. Its a computer processor inside the detector. On page 19 under Specifications on the User manual of the Escort 9500ix it says it does have DSP please have a look at it.

    So you could still go with the 9500ix if you wanted to.

    If it was me and i had the money I would go with the Escort Redline and a Laser interceptor if I was a highway driver.
    And i wanted to be invisible to RDD's Radar detector detectors.

    but it all depens on what you need if you was more in the city id get with GPS so it can lock out the false alerts also have the capiblity to alert you to Fixed red-light cameras and speed camera

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    Default Re: How important is DSP?

    When you take an analog signal (freq, wave type, phase, current type, voltage or what ever is used) and use it, it takes a lot of electronic parts and space on a pc board. In the tiny digital rem (1 and 0), one designs/programs a processor chip to make the outputs act like real world analog (many variables). It is faster and less costly. You want performance so look at compairson test done by test groups. For lidar, LIs, Anti or HP. For radar, you want to be able to turn off the anti-falsing and mod the bands (Redline, Sti-r or the V1C+) for distance and speed, don't buy any other RD as of yet. The Max has to prove itself over time but might be one to consider......



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