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    Default In Memory of Stealth Stalker

    Rob's very last PM in my Inbox, word by word, letter by letter:


    "Hey Bro,

    I hate to see you go, as you are very definitely a valued contributor here. You and axel_ny -- our other Romanian brother -- are two of my favourite members here. But only you know what is best for you, so I totally respect whatever path you choose.

    Sorry I haven't had a chance to get back with you after that last PM. I've been travelling to test meets and trying to catch up on e-mails and PMs in-between. If there was ever any doubt, you and I are completely in sync on the political issues. I have to bite my tongue around here quite a bit because I have to respect that they simply do not want political discussion here, regardless of point of view. The resulting drama hurts the community. But rest assured, having met quite a few members of this forum, your beliefs are right in the mainstream.

    I do wish we had a chance to meet up on your last trip. Do keep me posted on future trips to Texas or Florida, as I'd love to meet up and buy you lunch. I'm a retired, disabled veteran of Iraq, and I have nothing but time on my hands.

    I wish you all the best. Keep in touch.

    Rob Davis
    817.905.3179 "

    I'll let our own Radar Roy speak for everybody in this forum:

    May GOD Forever Rest Your Soul in Peace

    Merry Christmas to you up there in Heaven

    We All Miss you down here

    Sleep tight, my friend.

    Chris "RW"
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    Default Re: In Memory of Stealth Stalker

    He had such a way with words.

    Thanks for posting.
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    Default Re: In Memory of Stealth Stalker

    I miss my arguments with that guy, and really could use him to test my new HP 905 set up Def. will be missed



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