In case somebody in Toronto is new to the RD "entertainment" business, here are the BEST RD settings when driving on Toronto streets AND when driving on Ontario highways.

Clips #1 is for city-drive only, Clips #2 is for city + hwy drive.

Toronto Police uses exclusively Ka 33.8 MPH Police Radar, plus Laser of course, OPP is on K-band Decatur Police Radar.

There is no X-band in Ontario, also there is no Photo Radar (Speed Cameras) in Ontario as well.

Therefore you don't need any Radar Detector with Band Segmentation in Toronto and pretty much in entire Ontario as well.

All you need is a Beltronics STI Driver/Magnum OR, if you have the dough ($1,500+ with taxes and installation), an STI-R.

All Ontario Cops, municipal and OPP, use C/O only.

BTW, in case somebody from, let's say RURAL West Chester, OH or "metropolis" Kingston, NY, have not heard about a "village" called Toronto, here is some peace of mind... for them of course:

List of North American cities by population - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

To Quote the BEST in the business, Radar Roy: Drive Safe AND Drive Smart.