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    Default My Poor New Redline

    Long Story made Short...

    I have had zero (0) speeding tickets since I bought a used Escort 8500 x50 S7 about five years ago... Except for one (1) I got last summer, with my RADAR detector in my glove box!

    I have had to send it in for re-calibration three times since owning it... This was back when it was $60 to service the unit... The third time, they actually serviced it free and that was maybe 2011... Every since it's been HOT and virtually 100% reliable for 3 years.


    I bought a new car, a NEW 2013 G37 (had 8 miles on the odo) because I despise the new Q50, with it's bull**** Steer-By-Wire system that feels like you are in a "driving simulator."

    Suffice it to say the last car 2008 Mazda 3 S Touring 2.3 Liter 4-Cylinder had 153 horsepower (stupid Calif ULEV/PZEV B.S.) and a mere 149 lb/ft of torque with a 5-speed autobox and redline @ 6,500 RPM. The engine made 66 HP per Liter, which placed it at 19.5 pounds per pony!

    New car is a 3.7 Liter V6 with 328 horsepower and 269 lb ft. of torque... The car weighs in at 3618 (vs. 2983 for the Mazda), so it weighs a mere 21% more! For that it has 2.14 times the horsepower and 1.8 times the torque! It's right at 11 pounds per pony! I also really like that it is Rear Wheel Drive and has a 7-Speed autobox, BUT there are days when I still urge for the 6MT.

    Regardless, I can see the writing on the wall... this car is relatively FAST, feels sporty with awesome double-wishbone suspension and road-feel, yet it is quiet to the point you can care on a conversation whispering at 80 MPH on the freeway... Long story short, it is a speeding ticket waiting to happen!


    Okay, so on the 13th, I ordered a brand, new Redline direct from Escort! It is clearly superior to the 8500 x50 and debatably better than the new Max for sensitivity & alerting though no fancy GPS and extreme filtering (i.e. the Max is probably superb for running in the City).

    I receive my detector on the 17th! W00t!

    Today, I test the new detector and SERVICE REQUIRED! WTF?? Try it again and SERVICE REQUIRED!!!

    Brand, new in shrink wrapped box direct from the Radar Laser Experts and that... Dammit!

    I just got done driving ALL weekend with no detector at all. My neighbor has been eyeing my 8500 x50 S7 and offered to buy it... said to make him a "fair" offer, so I sold it to him for $80 because I can forgo the eBay listing, fees, messages/questions, shipping costs, etc... AND that is EXACTLY what Escort would pay me for it as a Trade-In! I made it clear that there is A) No warranty B) that it is an older S7 sent in last in 2011 and C) that the Smart Cord is a bit jacked up... and that should any problems arise, I WILL refund it within my trade-in period (30 days) because it would be a simple matter to send it into Escort and still get $80 from them.

    Regardless, he has text-ed me to tell me just how wonderful the 8500 x50 has been saving him, and I drove naked (no detector) all weekend.

    Finally got my Redline and doh!

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    Default Re: My Poor New Redline

    You run your (old) RD inside the glove box? I'm surprised it lasted a couple of days without being damaged from excessive heating from no ventilation, not to mention near zero sensitivity without any "line of sight" reception.

    RDs + heat from no ventilation = a dead RD!

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    Default Re: My Poor New Redline

    Quote Originally Posted by NETWizz View Post
    ...Finally got my Redline and doh!.....
    Great! Segment it and turn off the RDR, then go doh, what ever that means! LOL....



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