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    Default X band in LA? Please help me interperate!!!

    Hey All,
    I am using an X50 and seem to be getting a lot of X band least I think it is falsing. Does anyone know if X band is being used in Los Angeles and surrounding areas? Any ideas as to which bands are being used primarily and if laser is being used?

    One other thing...this morning I was at a stop light and x-band came up with about 5 bars strong. It stayed that strong for a second or 2, then ramped down. About 20 seconds later, exactly the same thing happened, same intensity, duration, etc. This kept happening while I was at the stop light. It was not a photo intersection. I was in front of a mall but it was early and the mall wasn't open yet, so I don't think there would be much foot traffic through automatic doors. There was a grocery store a good distance away, but not line of sight. Does anyone think this was a legit gun or just something else around me?

    Thanks for the help!


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    davidgelb, X band was the first band used and scatters the most, automatic door openers are usually on all the time, not when someone walks by.
    X band is not used in CA/NV so go ahead and turn X off.
    You are 400 miles away but I have been hit with laser in LA once.



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