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    I am new member to this very informative forum. I am an Expat. living in Saudi Arabia.

    1. Is it legal to use Radar Detector in Saudi Arabia?
    2. If its legal can someone recommend a radar detector for use in Saudi Arabia?
    3. Are these radar detector available in markets of Saudi Arabia?

    I will be waiting eagerly to hear from you people.
    Thanks in advance

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    On base, or off? They are illegal for either. I would go with any of escorts M3 radar detectors, 9500ci, redline, or max.

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    Thanks for the reply. I saw at few websites that radar detector use is legal in Saudia & Jordan. Thanks again for updating me. Its better not to use such a thing in saudi arabia as if you are caught, police is so dumb that no one can help you.

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    Money can always help you in a situation like that. I'm not sure about current policy's but from my past knowledge if you receive a ticket off base and you are an Ex-pat they arrest you, bring you down to the station and wait for a buddy to come pay your ticket and pick you up. So be on your look out!



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