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    Thumbs down Scary Review about Escort

    I was so excited to buy a brand New Escort Radar until I read this review
    "I recently reviewed the Beltronics GT-7 Radar Detector, which is basically identical to this device. Here are the differences:
    1. Directional arrows on the right side that show where the radar is originating in relation to your car. I actually found this feature to be quite useful while driving and making braking/acceleration decisions.
    2. You can turn off the "over speed" alarm and can now set it all the up to 160 (limit of 99 on the Beltronics and you could not turn it off).
    3. The enclosure is aesthetically different, it's darker and more pleasing to the eye.

    Ok, here's the kick in the pants that brought my Beltronics review to 3 stars... Escort is taking a value-subtraction business model by removing core functionality of the device. This is an attempt to get you to subscribe to the Escort Live service for a monthly fee and to also collect a database on you that can be sold to third. This includes your name, you email address, your driving record, the physical locations, and how much you like to speed. Hmmm, what third parties would be interested in such information?

    Ok, so I'll be the guinea pig this time around and sign up for the service. I drive a 2009 Corvette and have an Escort Redline (5 stars, by the way) installed. Now I have the Max 360 beside it and I'm ready to attach this thing to my smart phone. Here we go.

    I download the app from the Google store. It wants a series of privileges including in-app purchases and my personal identification. I grant it, install it, and open it.

    First screen is the terms of service with some really small text that quickly scrolls down the screen and a giant red button that says "I ACCEPT". Not so fast, I'll read it all. Here's the highlights directly quoted from what I am about to agree to:

    * “You agree and warrant that all information you provide to Escort as part of the registration process... is truthful and accurate.”
    * “By creating an Account, you consent to Escort’s collection and use of personal information and location-based data as discussed in Escort’s Privacy Policy.”
    * “From time to time, we may use your information for new, unanticipated uses not previously disclosed in our Policy.”
    * “We collect both personal information and location based data in connection with your use of the Escort App and the Services.”
    * “We collect personally-identifiable information”
    * “We collect certain information (“Data”) from you… Data includes GPS location information, unique device identifiers, user account identifiers, as well as location and time information (heading, street name, time stamp) related to any alerts generated automatically”
    * “We may share the information we collect… with third parties, who may use the information for their own marketing purposes.”
    * “We use the information collected from you to compile a database”
    * “We may retain Personal Information you provide to us indefinitely. In addition, any Data we collect is retained in our database indefinitely”

    Sounds like a great deal right? You pay Escort a monthly fee of $4.99 in order to unlock the speed limit display on your device (a feature that GPS units have enjoyed without a smart phone for over a decade) and in return they collect an unbelievable amount of personal information and sell it whoever the please. Man, if I was an insurance company or law enforcement agent I would enjoy sifting through that database... in fact, I would probably pay for the privilege.

    The app also drains the battery on my Sony Xperia smart phone faster than any app I've seen. It's constantly "scanning for alerts" even when you leave your vehicle. You will have to use some other method to kill the process also because there is no manual exit button in the app itself.

    I just don't want to have to use my smartphone with my radar detector. Let's face it... I'm speeding and don't want a ticket. My eyes are on the road, I'm scanning the horizon for dangers, my hands are on the steering wheel. I need a device that will let me know when to brake and I need it to give me accurate and fast information without me having to take my eyes off the road. The Max 360 is not that device... it's an "Internet of Things", it's a data collector, it's a social media interface... but it's not the best radar detector for a driver of a fast car."

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    Default Re: Scary Review about Escort

    I hear you.

    Unfortunately your smartphone is providing that sort of information as well. Run Waze? Google maps? No application at all? Not only does big brother know where and how you drive but where you sleep at night.

    Comforting isn't it? Throw ALPR technology in the mix, EZPASS transponders and soon to be the cars themselves and George Orwell's dystopian future seems like it's already arrived. Comcast, know what you watch and how much you do. Credit card companies know what and where you spend, what food you eat.

    Every phone call you make to a company is recorded "for customer quality." The NSA listens to EVERYTHING.

    Want privacy? My suggestion is to go to a remote part of Indonesia, get off the grid, throw your cell phone away, and use only cash.

    It's a sad commentary, but I'm afraid it's true nonetheless.

    Ask yourself this? Do you REALLY need an application to tell you what the speed limit is? Really? There's a whole lot simpler way to know, it's free, and has been in use since the first asphalt was put down.

    The best things in life are free!

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