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    Hi everybody. I tried doing a little research and still have a few questions. I'm looking to get some protection for my motorcycle. I have a 2010 Hyundai accent which I pretty much just drive in the winter. I also have a 05 vtx1300 and a 13 cbr 1000. The cbr is the one I'm concerned about although it would be nice to transfer to the others. It's pretty much impossible to do the speed limit on that. Guys with those type bikes know what I mean.
    I am in Western NY. Idk what they use here and can't seem to find the answer. I would imagine it's radar and laser. Is there a certain type of Leo that uses one type more than the other?
    I was looking at the uniden r3 cause of all the great reviews. Also, if I do need something for laser, is a jammer doable on my cbr? I don't want to get into it if i can get by without it since it's so much $.I don't understand how a laser detector like the highly rated v1 (for laser detection) is of any use since many articles I've read say they are just ticket notifiers. Of course space is limited. What about veil? I only have a plate on the rear of the bike. Thanks

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    I don't know about jammers on bikes, I think it's too risky especially because it's banned. But for radar detector, I guess you're on the right track with Uniden R3. If I'm gonna buy a new one soon, I'd get that too. V1 has a more traditional use, since it doesn't have ll the added techs and blings of other newly released models. I suggest you continue researching for other stuff (on top of my head Redline, MAx 360, iX and others you can read about here:

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    why do I not get replies on my inquiry.... does my total lack of knowledge about radar detectors just make all the people here say...hahaha, this guy is an idiot....and just get a good laugh at my expense.... my question was,"New here and need some info.... I have a BMW k1600 GTL motorcycle... I am going to mount my Escort Passport to the bike.... It will be mounted almost directly in front of my body.... Will the signal pass thru my body and still pick up an incoming radar tracking my speed from behind me...??? And if my body does not block the signal coming from it...will it be just as strong as if I were not even there....???"..... so, how do I go about finding out about my dilemma ...



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