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    i was driving around today like usual and my k went off in the middle of nowhere i slowed down thinking it was supposed to be a ka and then a sheriff come up over teh hill luckily i slowed down i know that k and ka are bothe radar detectors but whats the differece between them. i heard there are different bands like when i drie by walgreens it sets of k, i am going to get a new radar detector either x50 or rx65 how will i be able to know if its a door opener or a cop. i didn't have that problem until i figured out that sheriffs use k in my town.

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    Ka and K are completely different frequencies... thats how they are different.

    The only real way to tell between a (K-band)door opener is a real k-band LEO is by either:

    a)Noticing more bogeys in your normal false area... but mostimportantly:
    b)The strength of an LEO will be much greater then your average false.

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    Different equipment that uses different frequencies. Ka came about initially to all maufactures to make equipment accross the wide range of frequencies. You see, K band is just a single frequency 24.150, the RD needs only to scan a very small window, just like X band, it has even a smaller +/- window to scan for that single frequency. But Ka, because it is in Gigaherts NOT Megahertz like K and X band. Giga requires a whole lot more time to scan through, and back in the day it was advertised that RD can not scan fast enough through that Gigahertz. Hence the Ka Superwide detector. Of course RD can alert to Ka.

    Now basicly you can not tell the difference between a auto door opener that operates at the same frequency of 24.150 K band and a LEO that is shooting a radar gun at the same 24.150 K band. Same as for X band. (although differnet freq). Even if you have tech mode to show you the numbers, tech mode is not accurate and equipment will show different numbers, what we call "drift". A officer radar gun will show up as 24.140 or 24.165, etc. A auto door opener will show up as 24.150, or 24.140, or 24.125, etc anything.

    After learning your new detector and you specific area you drive through, you will get a "feel" for how your Rd reacts to falses. generaly it will be weaker than a real threat.

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    yea normally if the counter starts low and keeps going up its a cop




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