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    Default RADAR ROY!

    LOL omg radarjammer website is a 10+ lol this is great sorry i just have to give u credit on your research i mean jeez just im always upset with RMR gets away with doing these things to people and there hard earned money i mean for me buying the x50 from you i had to work and save money took me 3 weeks but i got it and im soo glad i found your site because i order the C-450 and then about 30 mins later i found ur site and called up ask sum questions and said i will call right back to cancel my order with RMR lol anyway i just kinda feel like crap about RMR because im born and raised in el paso texas i just dont hope people think all the companys there pull the same crap. Sherman Barnett a family friend maybe u heard of the name roy but he was suckerd into RMR and we had a disscusion about radar units and cops anyway at the end of the disscustion we agree the driving safe and not looking so inmuture (comment was direct at me lol) would help not to get pulled over anyway just wanted to give u credit on the website i kno it takes time for research.

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    Default RMR Website

    Thank you for your comments, they are appreciated!

    As you can see we put in allot of work into the new website.
    Motorcycle Mounts and Accessories
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