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    Default Reducing K band Sensitivity

    I recently purchased a Beltronics RX65. I would be completely satisfied if not for all the k band false alarms. It seems as if every Safeway and drug store in my area (Redmond, Seattle, Washington) uses K band door openers. So my 30 minute commute is nearly continuous k band alerts at a 1/9 strength.

    Is there a good detector that allows to decrease the sensitivity of K band? Something like a city mode for k band?

    Does the Escort 8500 x50 false less than the RX65?

    Thanks in advance for any input anyone may have.

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    The Cobra XRS 9700 has a Citk X+K mode, but it's not nearly the detector you're used to with the RX. The Beltronics Vector 985 has a city-all mode, but keep in mind that the city-all mode will kill the Ka band sensitivity. People also seem to agree that the PNI Silver Bullet units are pretty low with falsing.

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    i got rid of my rx-65 for the same reason. in dover, de we have 2 main roads and all the stores run kband with there doors 2 feet from the road and it was so frustrating just running around. i traded up for the 8500 x50 and the nice thing about it, the tones are not nearly as intrusive but on the downside it seems that now its warm out when I have the sunroof open the windows down and the sound system up even when I have it on the loud setting and all the way up its still hard to hear.

    but to my maddness I have now sold the X50 in favor of trying out the new V1 with pop2. when will it stop haha


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    i have been asking for VR to do such a thing.

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