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    Default Electrical Noise Filtering for Radar Detectors

    Quote Originally Posted by SPL15
    One other thing to note. In the lab, I'm guessing the detectors were being powered by nice stable and perfectly regulated power supplies, but in field testing, they are using the car's dirty filthy loosely regulated power.

    Funny how the bell STi seamed to outperform the V1 in field testing. If you wanna go stealth and silent, you must prevent noise from leaking out of the power connection and into the car's electrical system. This shows the STi's power supply filtering would have to be superior to any other detectors since it is undetectable (for now).

    Power supply noise and ripple can drastically effect high frequency precision electronics. Better filtering could mean that the STi is better at managing the typical trashy electrical system of a car which in turn leads to better performance in the car.

    This could also mean that V!'s performance could be drastically improved with a very very good noise filter inline and close to the unit.
    How important is this?

    I've always heard that tapping into the fuse of the car stereo is the best place to hardwire a detector because that power is filtered for electronic noise etc.

    Is there a filter in place specifically for this power, or does the stereo handle the noise filtering itself?

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    You could always open your detector and install ferrite beads where the 12v line enters the box.

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    Any performance improvement in the V1 sounds like wishful thinking to me, except for some extreme isolated cases. The detector manufacturers, especially Valentine, are well aware of the extreme environments the detectors are exposed to in the field, and have taken these factors into account in their designs. Even some environments unique to specific vehicle models have been accounted for.

    But more filtering isn't going to hurt performance, so if it makes you feel better and more confident about your detector, I say go for it.

    On the V1, extra filtering might be necessary if you don't use the hardwire adapter... I think this contains a filter capacitor that won't be present if you just tap power directly using a phone cord or something...


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    V1's had a power filter for years. Belscorts still don't have filter caps on the power input and false laser at full throttle in some cars. (mostly turbo cars and older cars with distributor caps). In some cars, the electrical noise from windshield wipers will set off laser in belscorts too.



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