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    Default Question about mounting

    I've noticed that several of you mount your detectors in the corner of your windshields. My question is do you think you lose any alert time vs. having it low and in the center? I've always had mine mounted like that but would be more than happy to drop it in the corner if the performance won't be compromised...SpeedyJ

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    Mounting it low and to the center is for the hopes of being hit with a laser you willa ctually get warning. mounting it off to the side and low wont hurt radar preformance any, as long as the detector is pointined straight and not off to the side. SO you may have to angle it a little bit to get it straight. I like the detector in the lower left for a few reasons.
    1) more concealed
    2) better detection in dense traffic (instead of it pointing at the bumper in front of you it is aiming more toward the side of the vehicle)

    If you are mounting low, my vote is mount low & left.



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