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Thread: Up-Grade needed

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    Default Up-Grade needed

    At this time I am using a EW-3005 by Earlywarning

    This from the box:

    Radar Type: Dule Conversion Superheterodyne
    Antenna Type: Liner Polarized, Self-Contained Antenna
    Detector Type: Scanning Frequency Discriminator
    Frequency of Operation:
    10.525GHz +/- 50MHz(X-band)
    24.150GHz +/-100MHz(K-band)
    34.700GHz =/-1,300 MHz(Ka-Super Wide-band)

    Receiver Type: Pulsed Laser Signal Receiver
    Detector Type: Digital Signal Processor
    Pulse Width Discriminator
    Opto Sensor: Dual Convex Condenser Lens
    Spectral Response: 800~1,100nm

    Since I can not find any info or reviews on this RD can someone let me know more about it.

    As i said in the subject I think I need an up-grade. I drive 1500 to 2000 miles a week (300 to 500 a day) up and down Hwy 70, Hwy 64, I-95, I-40, I-440, and I-74 here in NC and also go into SC. I encounter Hwy, County, and City all day long, you might say I stay in the middle of the fire so to speak.
    I have been reading a lot about the V1, Bel RX65, Bel STi, & Escort 8500x50 and still can not make up my mind. I do know that the V1 will let me know that there are multiple radars in use like the ones I encounter at
    I-95 & I-40 under-pass or about 10 to 15 miles South on 1-40 East of I-95.
    This would be a real plus.
    So with all this in mind what isyour selection and why.


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    From Jims post one could infer that your detector is not great... so upgrading would be a great choice...

    I believed you are a bit confused about multiple bogey encounters, the V1 is not the only detector that shows this, infact the Belscorts show multiple bogeys and track the signal strength of each seperate bogey, so dont let the V1 Zombies make you feel like its the onlyone with this feature.

    If you dont live where detectors are illegal (whcih it seems form your post you dont) I would say dont even worry about the STi.

    As for the remaining 3, it depends on how much you want to spend, all of them will have similar performance in real life scenarios.... they are all simply put: The 3 best detectors in the world... which no one could go wrong having. If you do a 'search' for this topic (V1&X50&RX65 and what to buy) you will get a ton of information.

    Of those 3 I have the X50 and the V1 and I much prefer the X50 over the V1.

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    X50 is a great detector. Or there is the V1.....

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    What about the x50 zombies?

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    All the detectors have zombies!!!

    I am a 895 zombie. It really saved me this morning. Got a Ka warning and slowed down and .75 miles down the road, there he was. And this is in a somewhat hilly area.

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    If any of you drive up and down the interstates here in the Eastern part of NC you know why I keep asking questions.
    A RD with a bogey counter is a must as the NCHP and some of the County Sheriff Dept set up in groups. Also I am sure that Laser is used in some of these set-ups. The RD that I have seems to stay in X-band when the NCHP are near but the County seem to like Ka- better. They are also the ones that use the Laser. This is why I am so diligent about choosing an RD, it is also the reason I would like all the input that I can receive.
    Now with this in mind what features do you like about the RD that you have and what is it that you don't like. (ie...up-grade, software? hardware? How important is and where do you draw the line at false readings?
    ooops I almost forgot the dreaded Laser.




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