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    Default Purpose of SPEC Display?

    I'm trying to figure out how SPEC display is useful. I've been playing around with it and found that some of the K band automatic door openers have the same exact frequency as the police K band. I thought maybe I could indentify real threats from falses, but not if the fequency is exactly the same.

    Apologize if this has been posted already.

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    I believe this feature can be useful, but it's more of luck. If there are stores that do not have the same freq as a policemans radar gun, then you are in good shape. In my town, there are 3 different colors of cops. gold (undercover), black/white, and white. With the spec display, I can even tell which color is coming at me

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    The best use I can think of, is that on Ka you can use it to find out what models of radar are being used in your area:

    35.5 GHz Genesis II
    33.8 GHz MPH BEE III (BEE 36)
    34.70 or 34.94 GHz Stalker ATR
    34.70 Stalker DSR
    34.2 - 35.2 GHz Stalker ATR (freq hopper)

    34.3 GHz TMT-6F photo radar/Multanova 6F photo radar
    34.6 GHz PR-100 photo radar
    33.4 GHz photo radar
    34.6 GHz Lockheed Martin photo system ******

    For K-Band, the guns operate at 24.150 +/- 100MHz (there might be some at 25.125), so it could be anywhere between 24.050 and 24.250 and still be within spec. All of the guns are initially set up for 24.150. Any different frequencies you get for K-band are due to units where the frequency has drifted off center. Gunn oscillators are not known for being stable, and can even drift during operation due to changes in temperature etc.

    Some people believe they can tell if it is a false by frequency alone, and they might have good luck with this if they live in a small town with like two cops and never drive anywhere else. This also might generally be true for Ka, except that Ka falses aren't all that common. But if they rely on this 100% IMHO they're just begging for a ticket. Generally there is no way to tell a false 100% by frequency, any signal the detector alerts to is potentially police radar.


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    I agree jim!

    But you can tell on k band. I seen some weird freq's But Ka band thats a different ball park. Any time you get a Ka band hit its a cop shooting radar.



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