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    Default How does the officer interpret his speed reading?

    I hope someone can fill me on on how exactly LEOs interpret their radar readings.

    For instance lets say you have a pack of three cars together and the officer shoots radar at them. How does he know which car the speed reading is for?

    For example if he shoots it at the three cars is it going to report the speed of the one traveling the fastest and then lets the LEO decide which on that is?

    Im new to the world of radar so any insight is greatly appreciated.

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    Most simply report the strongest signal... and display that speed... he (the LEO) honestly doesnt know what car/SUV/truck etc etc he is actually getting the signal from. There are (is) a certain model of radar gun I have heard that displays the fastest and then the strongest signals (as two seperate readings).

    This is why Lidar is used in heavy traffic areas such as hgihways/thruways etc etc, because cars are packed so close together it becomes easier to pick off... and know what single target they are getting the speed of... but even laser is not foolproof it is fully possible for laser to pick up the incorrect car, especially at longer ranges, and (larger) angles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AirMoore
    Most simply report the strongest signal...
    AirMoore is correct, radar guns display the strongest signal, the officer will make his own judgment on who to pull over in a pack of speeders, usually who ever is drawing more attention to themselves.

    Case in point, I was about 50 yards behind a Vette and a TransAm doing about 20 over, side by side. A oncomming LEO did a U turn and stopped the TransAM (who happened to be further away from the LEO than the Vette) The only difference I saw between the 2 speeders was that the TransAm also had illegally tinted windows.

    Some digital Ka radar will display the first 2 strongest signals, allowing him to clock 2 vehicles at once instead of one at a time

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the info guys. I was always curious about that.



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