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    Default Bel STI driver and KU

    Well peoples I called Beltronics because I am interested in buying this unit but am a bit troubled that it does not include Ku. I asked them if there was going to be an upgrade path to include Ku .

    They said NO... I find this troubling especially because its such an expensive unit. I talked to one of there "tech guys" about this and he also informed me that they have intention of upgrading this uint.

    So I told him striaght up what's the point of having this uint if its not upgradeable and mentioned the RX65 had ku why didn't this?

    He didn't have an answer other than saying they think Ku will not be implemented in the US because its a bacward frequency similar to X band. However I pointed him to this site and mentioned companies don't invest tine and money just to test things but to bring them to market.

    I just thought it was moronic to have such an expensive detector which in my mind is one of the best because its not detectable to not have it include this band.

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