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    Default X-Band in Oregon

    I was driving from Idaho into Oregon the other day musing about how all the X-band alerts I get are false alarms. I'm daydreaming and wondering if I should disable the X-band detection in my RX-65.

    In Oregon I get hit with an ever-increasing X-band alert. I slow down and there was a SP coming from the other direction. Coincidence? I wonder....

    So it happens again an hour later. I slow down and theres a stationary SP "hiding" in the median.

    Needless to say, I'm glad I didn't disable the X-band detection. Thats the only place in 4 states where I've ever had it not be a falsie. Anyone else?

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    Alot of times in small outback poor counties you will find X-band. This is the case in NC where i do alot of business

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    The Sheriff Dept (Grays Harbor) out on the coast of Washington uses X.

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    Default Re: x band

    Wow, x band at use. I haven't been hit w/ x band in quite a while. Can't find too many of em' up here in MI. Mk

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    Here's another possible cause. Not sure if Oregon is using the same equipment, but worth noting.

    Quote Originally Posted by unixium
    I just found an old'ish press release from Alcatel stating they got the contract to provide ugprades to the public safety network -- owned by the WSP and used WDoT.

    The press release says:
    The products featured in the new network include Alcatel's microwave digital radio systems, multiservice platforms and network management.
    This pretty much means the MDR-8K products, which include wireless networking that can operate at 10.5GHz (X-Band).

    I'm guessing these would provide plenty of X-band falsing for RDs, and might explain the near constant X-Band alert I see going across the Snoqualmie pass, and the other odd X-Band alerts others have encountered.[/url]

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    Default oregon and xband

    i live in central oregon myself..and yes, there are alot of xband falses. but keeping it on is the safe thing todo. ive gotten xband hits from a couple state troopers, but usually just the local sheriffs use xband. and oregon DOES use laser too. ive been hit by laser a couple times also.



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