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    Default MY trip to Fl from NJ

    whats going on every going to sum this up as much as posable...bc we all know my typing skills.....ok here i go

    Totale milage----1280miles I-95 the whole way.....max speed 120mph

    jetta 1.8turbo.... 5speed

    jersey-------->>> 18hours....

    exit-110 jersey garden state parkway to exit 3 miami beach

    left my town at 7am got to miami beach at 2;30am

    Mounted high... .........Ehcounters...........valentine 1......euro mode (ealry version)

    1.....on the jersey turnpik..........Xband---cop on the other side of a bridge.....recked his x-band ticket or anthing

    2. another jersey cop shooting x-band but on the other side of the road...picked him up with great distance..

    3. driving through MD/DEL (i dont know) driving 90mph i get a laser....i look ahead and there was a car infront of me. Then i passed a man in a yellow vest with his laser gun in hand....nothing happend and the car in front of me was the one that got blasted...

    4. quite till vaginia.....driving 95, passing a car. Then i get 4 bars of KA then nothing, their was a car following me so i get in the right lane ASAP and slow down....right as the guy is next to me i get 100% KA and see a cop hidend around a corner( this is why radars are illegal in VA..they work)...." no dought the v1 fu**ing saved after that the guy that was next to me followed me from there on!!

    5. acouple more ehcounters but nothing cray....

    6. now im in FL.......... i kepp getting KA warnings, i knew their was a cop there but i never saw him becasue it was dark. i knew it was a cop becase i had the signal for a while then it when full ...ect this happend soo much though FL

    ON the way home....

    1. 1 mile from the VA rest stop where i was going to sleep. i was doing 87 at least......then i get a 110% K-band blast.. i knew he got me speed but nothing happend. i was shocked..maybe i just got lucky

    After thought......
    WOW..the V! was incredible.....

    X-band.......totaly impressed wow

    k-band.........totaly impressed wow

    KA-band...shocked?!?!?! i was picking up KA band for miles ahead of the cop....but in my town i cant pick then up if their around a corner???!?! In a stright line your can destroy KA band which stocked me.....all you need is a straight line for KA..

    laser.. i have to say i was impresses on how it picked up the laser even though the car infront of me got blasted..and i HAd the radar mounted High.... although i had MAD laser fausles....

    please leave any questions or your 2 cents...thanks!!!!!

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    Glad to hear your V1 kicked A$$. Thanks for sharing the story. Trip good?

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    awsome trip!!!!!

    my friend and i had great fake id's so we partied it up in south beach...hahah and were only 18

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    2 things that stood out to me:

    1. X is still alive and kicking

    2. Pre warning on laser!

    Good stuff!



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