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    Default Enounters that make you think something's "wrong\"

    The other day, on the other side of a bridge headed into a right-hand curve, there's a local police SUV that is, interestingly enough, helping someone with a flat. He also left his Ka running, which was nice.

    The not-so-nice thing is that the Valentine only went off near the bottom of the bridge, and ramped up instantly - like 6, 7 seconds from the vehicle, and almost line-of-sight. Naturally, the first thing I thought of was, "I wonder if my x50 would have caught a lucky reflection and detected that sooner..."

    Anyone have experiences like this, and what do you make of them?

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    I've had similar experiences like that before, and i wouldn't be too concerned.
    Sometimes with my 8500, i would be right on top of a patrol unit before it would alert on ka band, and other times i would have plenty of warning. my V1 has done that a few times too. DPS can have someone pulled over on the other side of a straight higway, and it doesn't alert to ka until i'm right on top of them, yet other times i can get as much as 4.5 miles of warning. some times i don't get much warning to the front, and as i pass, i get more/longer warning to the rear.
    It could be where the unit is facing, if it's a handheld laying in the front seat, on a dual antenna, maybe it 's the rear that is on, they have the "power" turned way down, etc..

    Over the years i've had many experiences where i thought i should have gotten more warning, but in a pinch when i need it i do get enough warning.

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    It depends on where the officer has the antenna mounted. I get 1/2 mile to 1/4 mile warnings. Im not happy with those. But its better then nothing.



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