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    Default Wilson Antanna Jumping SWR?

    What gives ? I set the SWR for my antanna one day and the next it jumps back into the "RED". I have set it 5 time in the last four days and made sure that the screws were tight. It will be find for most of the day then it seems to jump for some reason that I cannot explain it goes to the "RED ZONE" on the meter.
    Can anyone explain this?
    Has anyone had this problem?

    Radio--------Cobra 29WXNWST
    Antanna-----Wilson Trucker 2000

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    There are several reasons...

    1) you don't have a good ground. Make sure that the antenna is securely fastened to the vehicle.
    2) there is a short in the cable.
    3) The coil is busted. try a different antenna
    4) the CB is busted, try a different CB

    I got in the red awhile ago. The reason is that the coil wasn't tight on the mount. Once I screwed it down tight against the mount, it did fine.

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