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    Default Difference between BCT10 and 12

    Does anyone have both? What is the difference between the two?

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    I have them....

    The BCT-12 has these features which were not in the BCT-10:

    -Scans 800 MHz police band
    -Has scan modes modes for scanning News Media, and DOT
    -The Highway Patrol Alert feature can be turned off, unlike in the BCT-10

    The BCT-10 has "short range" mode and "long range" mode. The BCT-12 does not.

    Most mobile repeaters are in the 150 and 400 Mz police bands. But there are a few on 800 MHz (like Ohio's) that would be missed by the BCT-10. IMHO the BCT-12 is worth the extra $$$...



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