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    Default Buying a CB Radio

    Hey Guys,

    I'm going to be looking into buying a CB radio for my road trip to florida in August. I found a nice cobra that comes with an external antenna for 90 bucks. I'm assuming this would not be the best, but it would work and I could take it off my car when I don't need it. What is the average dististance these operate at? Also, is Cobra a good brand? Here is a link if you'd like to look at it:

    Any and all comments are appreicated. Thanks


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    Default Cobra CB

    I like Cobra CB radios, and they have been making them forever

    I have one of their units in my truck, and comes in handy
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    I have a CB something like this but it's not a Cobra. I've had it for for about 10+ yrs. The range I remember getting with mine was about 10 miles or more depending on terrain and weather. It still works too.

    On I-10/20 leaving ElPaso, TX I'd always get truckers on CH19 rolling westbound reporting 'smokey' sightings. The distance was pretty good combined with my original Escort RD.



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