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    Default Scanner antenna . for CB Ch 19 Listening

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a scanner antenna so i can hear CB ch 19 during my travels. I have a radio shack Pro 95 reciever scanner (dual Trunking) 1000 channels and CB channels reception is non- existent with the the antenna that comes with the handheld.

    Is there a Antenna that can support what i am trying to do. ?
    i would like to get 5mile radius in reception if i can

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    You'd have to get an actual CB radio anteanna, like a cheap magnet mount and put a BNC connector on it. The anteanna that comes with the scanner is meant for vhf/uhf

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    If you don't want an external antenna on your car, use the LONGEST antenna you can deal with in your car. I use the radio shack telescoping antenna.
    I just bought my 3rd RS telescoping antenna and it works like CRAP. I'm trying to figure out if I got a lemon or it the actual quality is diminishing.

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    I just bought a CB antenna from radio shack and it has a connector that I'm not familiar with. Is this a "motorola type connector"?

    I have a BCT8 scanner, so I have to convert it to BNC to use it. I don't know what the name of the adapter is called though.



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