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    Default Question on BCT 12 ....worth it?

    I have access to a complete BCT 12 from a buddy who no longer wants it.

    Is it a good device to assist in locating State Police.....I believe from what I read, it works okay in Ohio, which is where I'm at.

    What are the pros-cons of using this in conjuction with a V1?

    Looking to see if it's worth the money and trouble....anything good to gain?


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    Good size............ the alert feature you are referring to works like it's supposed to. The problem is I can't remember a time that feature has saved me. Listening to the scanner works the best of all which you can do with any scanner. I had it mounted on the right side of my rearview mirror and my V1 on the left. It's compact size is good for that. The beartracker feature works well when it works. The problem is the conditions have to be right for you to get an alert in the first place. Now that I've had one I would not rush and try to find one for my other vehicle. My 2 cents...

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    Yep, it works OK in Ohio.

    It DOES have the ability to save your a$$ once in a while, so IMHO it would be worth having one. I always put mine in when I go to Ohio.

    But it all depends on the situation: last time I was in Ohio, on one encounter I didn't get an alert until after I was lasered. But it could have happened the other way around, just the luck of the draw.

    For listening to the radio traffic, not the best, but that's the beauty of it: you don't have to listen to the radio traffic, just be a bit more cautions when it beeps at you

    And you have the option to listen a bit if you want.


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    I think it is definitely an investment worth making. It cannot be used in place of a radar detector for highway use, but it makes a good companion.



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