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    Default Midland 75-822 owners

    So I picked up the Midland 75-822 and am planning on getting a Wilson antenna for it. In the meantime, I drove around on the interestate near some big rigs rolling through, with the mobile adapter plugged in, windows down, and included stock antenna and heard absolutely nothing. Is it really that bad of reception with the stock antenna even with the car windows down?

    Also, I noticed on an insert that came in the packet of manual stuff and it said to not use the rubber duck antenna while using the mobile adapter? I was picking up the WX station just fine that way, but nothing on channel 19.

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    I've been using the handheld Midland 75-822 CB Radio with its adapter hooked up to the cigarette lighter and teamed-up with a Wilson 5000 since January... GREAT, GREAT, GREAT PERFORMANCE, up to 15-18 miles in range on open road, flat terrain, no buildings around, clear skies... get a performant antenna and you'll see how useful this little CB can be and do for you on the open road :wink:



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