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    Default RacerX - need info

    i have been looking at your cb install and was wondering how exactly you did the conversion on your antennae. did it come with the mounts etc to swap out the factory unit or did you have to buy them. can you supply me with a list of the items you purchased to do this and some general info as to how you did it. it looks really great and i would like to do something similar with my dodge hemi pickup. and by the way - are you using the switch unit for your am/fm and how does it to work on the am channels.

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    i got it - the link you provided showed just the antennae. i was looking for something like you showed on your photos. i eventually found it. i think im gonna try it on mine. the antenna was one of the reasons i hadnt installed one on mine. after seeing yours i think i can live with that.

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    sorry for the late follow up.

    anyways, here's the photos and quote BullyDawg19 is referring to.

    it's made by firestik and it's the "Venice base load" model. the E36
    36" antenna. they also have a 48" model.

    i bought mine from

    they had one of the better prices and they shipped quick.

    i wanted something for the "stealth" look, other than a big magnet and cord on top of my truck.
    i then bought a "tunetrapper" antenna from a place on the "auction place" that we can't link to.
    it's a concealed AM/FM antenna and works great. i've got that fully hidden.

    don't really have pics of the install, but it mounts in the standard 1/2" hole where the car antenna goes.

    my toyota was a pain, since they don't mount on top of the fender, they cut a big oval in it half on the side. i made a temp cover for it, and tomorrow i'm going to a friends with a shop to make something more permanent and rock solid.

    for the most part if you could mount and run the wire for an aftermarket antenna, you can mount this no problem.

    the one thing i would recommend if anyone gets this is buy the lock set for a few bucks. the antenna comes with a big wingnut, which i don't like the looks of, but the lockset has a flush look, plus it will help keep it from being unscrewed and taken. i also took off the little sticker, so as not to draw attention to it. i replaced the wingnut with a black nut which works also.

    i'm very happy with the setup. it works great, and it doesn't get much more stealth and compact than that.
    to update, made a slightly larger plate to cover the hole where the new cb antenna sits.

    no switch unit. i unplugged the factory antenna from the radio and plugged in the tuntrapper, which is laying across the front of my dash, under the dashmat, so it's out of sight.

    i fished the cb antenna wire down the hole and out a hole in the bottom. came up and in a covered hole behind the door jam. and routed it up and inside, and tucked it under the console, going to the power box under my seat.
    that's pretty much it in a nutshell.



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