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    Default edax systems

    it seems the local police here st.john's nl. canada are using what is called a edax system.
    can this be picked up on a scanner and does neo have any proof on this.
    i have been told that it can't be done with a scanner . even one that does edaxx doesn't work so i've been told.

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    EDACS is a trunk tracking system developed by M/A-COM inc. There are a couple different versions: SCAT and wideband 9600 baud.

    Most scanners these days support trunk tracking, so you should be able to pick them up.

    Just search for trunk tracking capable scanners at your local radio shack (if they have them in canada?) or pick one up from Uniden.

    You'll probably have to do a little research to find the frequencies and that your police are running on. But believe me, it's a lot easier to look them up then try to scan and follow a trunk tracked system on your own.

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    EDACS systems often have some channels encrypted with PROVOICE encryption (an addon product for EDACS).

    in Edmonton, only the tactical squad and drug enforcement channels are encrypted. In Lethbridge, the entire system is encrypted. (geez... what are they hiding!)

    your mileage may vary. check for local frequencies and talkgroups.



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