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    hello, im new to this whole CB thing but am really interested. i just got this radioshack TRC521 CB Radio that was given to me..looks great just one problem the power cables were cut.. does it still work what do i need to do ? im sorry for such a dumb question i just have no idea. here are some pics kinda blurry tho ... THANKS

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    It looks like the unit was hardwired to it's previous home. When the person no longer wanted it, simply cut the wires rather than removing the wires from the inside of the vehicle.

    Assuming that the unit is still functional, just splice the tips of the wires and extend them using any wires. Attach them as follows:

    The red wire is the hot, plug it either into the positive terminal of your car battery or you might be able to tap it into something else such as an accessory terminal in your fuse box.

    The black wire is the negative. Most vehicles these days have a negative ground so you can just hook it onto any screw that touches the frame of your vehicle, or the negative terminal of your battery (which should just go straight to a screw in the side of your vehicle anyways).

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    And also you will need a good antenna to put your new toy to work... Wilson antennas are the best, it depends what you really want from your CB... with my Wilson 5000 I get up to 15 miles of very clear signal, open road, no buildings around, clear sky, etc... feel free to ask more questions and we will be happy to answer them :wink: and welcome aboard

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    How much for a decent antenna? I plan on buying the 49.99$ CB Radio one from Radio Shack.



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